• Three types: 1. Easy to tear film. 2. PP film. 3. Shared film
  • We can customize by your cup or container
  • Offering enterprise or business with the professional design film.
  • Customize service to enhance product image, making the enterprise more overall sense.

【The terms of use】

Can add all kinds of (PP, paper, PET, Styrofoam, glass) cup/container


  • All made by Taiwan’s company
  • Each roll’s meter can be customized by your machine
  • PP film – features: will completely fit with the cup, it won’t bother you of breaking.
  • Shared film – features: used with plastic cup, paper cup, used very flexibility.
  • Easy to tear film – features: All sorts
    of cup can be sealed, used very flexibility but the price is the most expensive

Sealed film ( product picture)