• 1. Knowing what does the client need.

    Sales aquired the orders

  • 2.Design/Finished draft and confirmed

    Design:  Communicate with the clients on handling their request and the design’s direction – until finished draft content and text has been  confirmed.

    Client’s contribution: Confirm with the client and calibrate the content.

    ※After making the copper printing plate it can’t be modify, if necessary there would be additional charge.

  • 3.Using copper printing plate

  • 4.Copper printing plate making samples

    Accurately knowing the demands of the color from the clients.

  • 5.Printing

    Printing process( Feel free to come the factory to color match)

  • 6.Process fitting

  • 7.Slitting / packaging

    Slitting machine 

    Packaging machine 

  • 8.Fast shipping