• NY material with highly gas barrier can be vacuum packaging. After vacuum sealing it can block all the gas from going in.
  • Using food grade plastic material producing, with good adhesion it can make sure that after vacuuming the product it can still be fresh and undamaged while delivering the product.
  • Can be used with frozen and refrigeration food product classification packaging(Food product’s saving temperature must be under -20℃)

The terms of use:

Can be packed with all kinds of coffee beans, powder, rice, tea , conditioning food, automatic thermoforming packing, fresh seafood, meat products,frozen food,sauce,vegetarian food, cereal,pickles,etc. …

Aluminum foil


  • Using Aluminum foil accumulate manufacturing, highly gas barrier, acid resistant, alkali resistant, oil resistance, drug resistance, moisture proof,anti-pollution.
  • Can be used for vacuum sealed bag, highly gas barrier, moisture proof well, efficient to shelter from the sun and improve the preservation of the product.
  • Can’t be microwaved (Contains metal), can’t be boiled.
  • Can add desiccant and degasser inside.

The terms of use:

All kinds of medicine (Chinese herbal medicine), supplementary package, powder( grain, cereal,nuts), conditioning food, beauty products, mask package, electronic products, condom, syringes, surgical bags, disposable medical supplies, sanitary napkins, inspection test paper, contact lenses film etc. ….

Caution please do not freeze  it  for more than three months,

the metal materials will crack.


  • Can punch easy to tear
  • Can punch portable hand/Mexico cap/Round hole
  • Can punch round edges
  • All made by Taiwan’s factory

【Three sided sealed bag】Product picture